“I think our customers really appreciate the pragmatic way that we tackle an implementation. Yes, we have a methodology to structure the process, but we always tailor it to the organisation’s preferred pace and method of delivery; we listen to what they want to achieve and how they want to work.”

Ross Coundon

Leadent, CTO

8-12 weeks for simple implementation

Field Service System Implementation by Experts

It’s not easy to implement a new scheduling or work management solution because it touches all the pivotal parts of your operation.  That’s why this is not a project for generic implementation consultants; our experience means a more precise approach and a less painful journey.

Digital First Approach

Focused on minimising expensive customisation and maximising benefits

Flexible Methodology

Tools and techniques to support a rapid project that fits the customer

Talented Team

Enthusiastic people who know the tool and the field service process

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing support to assure the anticipated benefits are realised

A tried and tested methodology that works

Understanding how things work now and the vision for the project is the first step. This can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of your operation and extent of the change.

Architecting the new solution based on a combination of out-of-the-box functionality, customer requirements and best practice results in a fit-for-purpose design within a predictable budget.

A mix to waterfall and agile techniques means the build process is interactive and transparent, leaving no big surprises, but with the rigour and process to ensure a robust solution.

Knowledge transfer to the customer’s team is central to this phase, coupled with our own hands-on support where it’s needed, resulting in self-sufficient and confident system ownership.

Implementing a field service solution is rarely a one-time endeavour; delivering true benefits requires ongoing refinement and enhancement; we can support continuous improvement with a range of flexible support packages.