Gaining benefit from new functionality

From our experience in delivering field service healthchecks, it is clear that many organisations fail to gain maximum value from their cloud solution, instead treating it much like an on-premise system with a one-off implementation. Cloud is different, not only in terms of the technology, but also in how it can be used operationally, and this is where many companies do not maximise their return on investment.


True Cloud solutions, such as Oracle Field Service, offer the benefit of enhancements and upgrades, providing new functionality on a regular basis. Often implemented by IT, unless this improved functionality is both known and understood by the operational business, the opportunity to use new features and realise subsequent benefits can be missed.

Issue 1: Your implementation degrades

With any system implementation, the needs and requirements you have at the start of the process can be different in just a few months time. Failure to manage your cloud solution effectively means you may pay for features you need, but don’t use.

Issue 2: Your system becomes outdated

You fail to keep up with the value and functionality that your competitors can provide or that regulators expect. Over time, you fall increasingly behind, to the point that you need yet another big project to rectify the situation.

A different way

Through our understanding of operations and technology, we can ensure that you always have a system that is best in class to support your operations. We do this through a packaged service, at a far lower cost than a subsequent improvement project:

Periodic review of your deployment

We look at your operational priorities and practices, as well as operational data, to review your configuration and deployment

Updating configuration

We match your requirements, which should be ever-changing, with either revised configuration or implementation of one of our OFS Plug-ins

Keeping up with new releases

As the solution is upgraded, our team keep you fully briefed on how the changes will impact or can enhance your business operations

Moving you forward

We ensure you never stand still in your drive for operational excellence. Alternatively, if you do take a pause, you do so in full knowledge of what you’ll do next.

This is a new service for Oracle Field Service customers, leveraging our extensive experience in implementing and improving this power solution. It is like having your own centre of excellence, without the associated overhead. We bridge the gap between IT and Operations, meaning you can reap the rewards from your investment in Cloud on an ongoing basis.

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