Consulting is the backbone of Leadent; it’s where we started and it underpins all the technology services we offer too. For us, it’s about really understanding the customer’s process and priorities, and making feasible, value-adding recommendations for field service improvement.

Alastair Clifford-Jones

Leadent CEO





Identifying improvement opportunities

Field Operations Healthcheck

We validate where field operations are performing well, and what might need to change. We review what happens now, not only through a desk-based exercise, but by seeing the reality of life in the field.  Then, we make practical recommendations to form a prioritised improvement roadmap.

Understanding your performance

Performance Management Review

Do you really know how well your field operations are performing?  Having KPIs and a structure for managing performance is great, but asking the right questions, and knowing what to do with the results is a step on. We know what works and we can help implement a framework for continuous improvement.

Choosing the right technology

Technology Selection

The field service software market is broad and diverse. We have hands-on experience with many of the leading solutions, and know what to look for in the rest. For those considering a change, we can help structure the selection process, ask the right questions, and involve the best of breed vendors.

Embedding new ways of working

Change Management

Implementing change in the field is more challenging than in a traditional working environment; lone workers, process workarounds and fractured communications can all lead to poorly adopted processes. We have the tools, techniques and experience to embed the change and make it stick.

The end-to-end field service process

From Forecast & Plan, through Schedule & Dispatch to Execute & Analyse, we understand the work management process. We use that experience to shape an engagement that fits the organisation and delivers targeted benefits in the areas that matter.

Taking the opportunity to reset operational strategy, to ensure customers, operational and field teams, and business drivers are all given the appropriate focus. We can provide structure and best practice advice.

Ensuring that work management and field service processes are aligned to strategy, and functioning to create a streamlined, but cohesive experience for customers and colleagues. We can provide challenge, insight and guidance.

Field service is not a tightly controlled environment, and it’s therefore essential to know how the operation is performing. We can provide support to ensure the things that matter are measured (and vice versa), and to plot the data, processes and systems needed.

Putting the customer at the centre of the field service journey is easier said than done when operational pressures materialise. We can help you balance the key levels of customer experience, efficiency and control.

Navigating the opportunities for investment and enhancement in field service is challenging; knowing which innovations to go with or skip presents an eternal dilemma. We can cut through the jargon and advise on the tech that will really make a difference.

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