Insight and Control

Our Field Analytics tools provide a different view of your field operation to help steer performance and make smarter decisions.  Intuitive dashboards provide an easy-on the-eye way to view your data.

The Field Analytics Difference

Our Field Analytics services use time-based data rather than distance, including deeper intelligence about traffic, roadworks and other factors affecting journey times.

Key features of Field Analytics

Available on a licensed basis, or as a service from Leadent, our Field Analytics tools enable organisations to delve deeper into their structures and performance, to focus on the aspects that can add most value.

Overlay work and resources to get a unique graphical view of your demand and supply.  Make better team management and recruitment decisions.

Understand the potential reach and capacity of field teams, using time rather than distance to estimate travel durations.  Gain a more accurate view of what field teams can achieve.

View SLA performance by task, customer, site, technician or team and compare historical and current performance to understand where  to focus attention.

Available via an easy-to-use self-service portal that will integrate with your field service management system to get up-to-date information and reduce data security risk.

“(Field Analytics analysis) helped to clarify the work required to do to improve our performance in Capacity and Supply Planning, (and provided) some new ideas that has shaped our thinking.”

Angela Figueroa

Head of Business Operations – Customer Installations & Supply Chain, Foxtel

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